Young Ones competition: JUVO integrated campaign

ambient strategy

Problem: "Infiltrating" the lives of kids is tough. We wanted to develop a strategy that they could not only access through a URL but also IRL.

Solution: While searching through possible activities to reach Generation Z, we found that science fairs were still prevalent. This gave us an opportunity to make our cause for educating these kids very impactful.

CW: Jon Colón   AD: Hillary McDaniel


mobile strategy

Problem: Like many children before them, Generation Z has a limited attention span. Add an affinity for micro-content and this audience becomes a lot more difficult to reach.

Solution: Utilize the technology in their mobile devices to deliver context-relevant content through their favorite anonymous micro-content app. In other words, we found a way to pique their interest.

CW: Jon Colón   AD: Hillary McDaniel


branding strategy