I spend a lot of my time being uncomfortable. But my discomfort isn’t like going on a Tinder date with someone who turns out to be a super racist member of the alt-right or getting surprised by a sex scene that's pretty explicit while watching a movie with your parents. I can say my uncomfortable feeling is a little more useful.

I like doing things that are way outside of my comfort zone. Because who the fuck ever did anything worthwhile in the comfort zone? When all my high school friends wanted me to continue playing football, I decided it was time to try my hand at acting and writing. When all of my friends were going to colleges in the Northeast, I decided to make a move to the Deep South. When all of my classmates in the advertising program at Bama were scrambling around for any internship that might give them some semblance of the agency experience, I waited out for the opportunity I wanted. Even if it meant being unemployed for six months. And having to sleep on the floor of my brother's dingy apartment. 

Stepping outside of comfort zones has made my life interesting. And it’s made my work just slightly more interesting. Hell, stepping outside of my comfort zone is starting to become so comfortable, I may just stop doing it. But it doesn’t look like that’ll be any time soon. Oh and as for the nickname, all the Southerners had to get used to me when I first arrived in Tuscaloosa. I spoke too fast for the waitresses at the local Waffle House. My order was wrong for the first couple of months. My classmates would call me a "damn yankee" and I loved the way that sounded. It still has a nice ring to it.