The first time I ate at Waffle House was in Tuscaloosa. The waitress had to ask me to slow down three times while I was ordering. It was the first time I had ever been told I talk too fast. Then I realized I was a long way from New York City. Attending the University of Alabama gave me a chance to see a whole part of the country I had never been exposed to. I have to admit, the thought of leaving scared me at first. 


I thought to myself: “Who the hell does anything exciting in their comfort zone?”

That was my response when my parents asked me why I hadn’t applied to college in New York. 

It was my proposal when classmates asked why I came to Alabama.

It was my assurance when the culture shock and homesickness kicked in.

It was my mantra when I decided to take a crack at advertising.

It is the driving force behind my work.

The charming people and savory BBQ gave me a new place to call home. According to the ever credible Urban Dictionary, I became a "damn yankee".



Things a Yankee (still) doesn’t understand about the South.

  • Why do people want mud on their cars? Is that supposed to look cool or something?
  • Dry counties? What the hell is that?
  • Why aren’t there Waffle Houses in New York? They would make a killing up there...
  • If everyone’s mom makes the "best grits", who really makes the best grits?  
  • Is camouflage gear suitable for most formal events?
  • Isn’t Southern Hospitality just really good manners...?
  • Can snow really shut down whole cities?